In April we received a call from a man needing help with his rent.  His landlord had threatened to throw his belongings in the yard and change the locks.  We spent time counseling him and reassured him that the court system would need to be utilized.  He was working with other agencies as well as Love INC to obtain the needed funds. He will be eligible for social security benefits in August.  In the meantime, we stressed the importance of obtaining a job of any kind to provide some income since all he had was a BRIDGE card.  His income for the last few years has been generated by computer programming, investments, buying and selling stocks.

He had no car and struggles communicating because of a language barrier that would now allow an intake by phone.  The client opted to ride his bike to our office….14 miles one way!  During the interview, our intake worker stressed the importance of obtaining a job, as did the connection center coordinator during many conversations with the client.  The following day the client called the connection center and left a message that he obtained a job at a nearby bagel shop, and he could ride his bike to work!

Love INC praised this gentleman for taking our advice seriously and getting back on track with his life.   We were also able to give him $200 towards his rent.  The client called again to inform us that the landlord would not accept a partial payment.  We joined with other agencies and were able to pay his rent. 


UPDATE:  The client’s rent is up to date and he is working. 

We were contacted by a member of the community who had an automobile he wished to donate.  After working with this neighbor, and our client, we were able to guide him through the steps to obtaining an updated drivers license.   Love INC helped with the first month’s auto insurance, and with his new job he saved money to pay for the plates, registration, transfer of the title and the sales tax!  He is optimistic he will be able to once again obtain employment in his field, as well as, stay current on his bills.