In May we received a call from a gentleman who was notified that his home would be torn down in 30 days.  He is employed, but was not able to save enough money in 30 days for the first and the last month rent plus the security deposit.  He pays his rent-on time but struggles with other bills.

One of our resources, at a local boarding house, had one room available.  It was less expensive than his present home, utilities were included and safety needs met.  The landlord was willing to work with him, allowing him to pay the security deposit in installments! He quickly secured the room.  I contacted the landlord for an update, and she was happy to report that both parties were pleased with the new arrangement.  After a few attempts to reach him, he called to report how happy he was in his new home, how happy he was that he followed the advice of Love INC and is a FISH and NOTA client; but most of all “when I go to bed at night, I feel safe”.