Hello, I am a middle-aged man who moved to Oakland County from Indiana over 8 years ago.  During this time, I have been employed at the same job, in the service industry.  I could be your neighbor or our paths may have crossed. 

At the end of May, I opened my home to help a friend who had battled drug addiction for many years.  During the first three months, things went well.  Classes were attended at Easter Seals and the first job in 5 years was obtained.  Sadly, her addiction caused her to accidently overdose and I found her and had to perform CPR.  She was hospitalized, but the drugs had taken their toll and she passed away after 3 days.  Thankfully, she gave the gift of her organs to help others.

Afterwards, I knew I needed help with the situation, and contacted Love INC.  My immediate needs were for food, counseling, and help with utilities.  During my call I was given resources in the area.  I called FISH and picked up my emergency box of food and was impressed by the quantity and quality.  I contacted Lake Orion United Methodist Church and their Stephen Ministry has been very supportive in helping me cope.  I called St Vincent DePaul for help with my utilities and plans were made to get me assistance. 

With the help of these agencies, the stress and anxiety that I was feeling was minimized.  The love and hope I have been given has helped me through a very traumatic time.  I thank you all.