Love Story at Christmas.

Typically, our role at Christmas is to direct callers in need of gifts or a Christmas meal to the resources in our community, of which there are many.  In addition to these calls, we were contacted by private donors, churches, and businesses wanting to give to our clients at Christmas.

We decided the most efficient way for Love INC to manage incoming gifts, as well as delivering gifts, was to use Gift Cards!

One of our volunteers donated $100 worth of McDonald’s and Dollar Store gift cards.  Her daughter and a group of friends donated 16 gift cards from a variety of locations such as Subway, CVS, Kroger and gas stations. 

Our executive director who frequents Anytime Fitness was pleased to hear that they offered, as they did last year, and wanted to head up a gift card collection from their gym members which totaled $450.

We received calls from Calvary Lutheran Church, Heart of the Hills Christian Church, and Gingellville Community Church all seeking families to sponsor for a Christmas meal and gifts.  We were able to match them up with families in need, and they took on the tasks of attaining gift lists, purchasing, wrapping and delivering the gifts!

Through these generous people, community and Churches, we were able to help approximately 20 families this Christmas!